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Welcome to the Thrive library! On this page you’ll see content related to professional growth, equity and inclusion strategies, and tips on organizational development. Here you’ll gain a sneak peak into the strategies I use with my personal and business clients. These simple, yet impactful tools are useful as you aim to take your life, organization, or business to the next level. 

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Managing Tasks vs. Leading People

Too often Employers use the words “manager” and “leader” interchangeably. If you’re struggling to move your team forward it could be focusing too much on the projects at hand and not enough on the people you’re supporting. In this video I’ll share the difference between managers and leaders as well as give you some helpful tips to lead your team to success.

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5 Must Know Tips for Young Professionals

So you’ve just started your dream job, changed career fields or landed that director position? Here are 5 instrumental tips to grow your skills and keep you on the track to long-term success.

Building an Authentic Network

Networking can often feel exhausting, overwhelming, or down right dreadful. In this video I’ll share some tips around how to make networking less scary and more exciting. Use these simple tips and you’ll create a strong and meaningful professional network in no time! 

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Affirmations for Leaders

Being a CEO, Entrepreneur, or Business Leader can be mentally and metioaly taxing at times. In order to lead and inspire others you have to make time to inspire yourself. Check out these affirmations to encourage yourself and other leaders around you!